Intsedent in mines in Ukraine

April 4, 1998 as a result of methane explosion and meltdown that followed him, on behalf of the Donetsk coal mine killed 63 miners Skochinskogo [ITAR-TASS.]
August 16, 1998 at the mine Luganskvugillia loud explosion was methane. Killed 24 miners.
March 11, 2000 in Lugano mine named Barakov accident, which killed 80 miners and injuring seven.
January 21, 2001 on mine Krasnolimanskaya "kopalnevoho emission of gas from the explosion of methane-air mixture, then followed that led to the fire. Killed 8 miners.
On the night of 5 May 6 2001 Kirov mine exploded air-gas mixture.As a result of the accident killed 10 miners.
February 14, 2002 blast victims kopalnevoho gas were 5 miners mine Krasnoarmeysk West Donbass.
July 7, 2002 in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk region in the mine "Ukraine" a fire killed 35 people.
On the night of July 20, 2004 in a fire and explosion kopalnevoho gas in lava pits "Krasnolimanskaya" killed 37 people.
In the morning of August 13, 2006 during an underground explosion killed six miners mine Sukhodilsk East in the perils of Luhansk region.
June 8, 2008 Ukrainian coal mine collapse occurred at the Karl Marx Coal Mine in the city ofYenakiieve, Donetsk Oblast (province) of eastern Ukraine on.[ Bos, Stefan (2008-06-08). "Ukraine Mine Blast Traps 37 Workers". Voice of America.]