It is necessary to make artificial rain (by spraying silver iodide into the atmosphere), when impossible to cool reactors by conventional methods

Almost Nobody  reads this blog in time. This blog is unreadable  in Japan at all. Therefore, despite the quick reaction (March 11, 2011; February 23, 2011), рractically all the notes in the blog are in the category:
"that was necessary to make, but certainly it was not done".

However, the blogosphere is intended for the publication own thoughts, and not to affect the events.

Nowadays оnly for VIP Japanese doing cleaning of blood from radionuclides (hemodialysis with activated carbon removes about 10% of radionuclides from the body) and enterosorption with activated carbon and Clinoptilolite-zeolite (removes approximately 30% of radionuclides).
After Chernobyl, such methods of treatment are used only for     KGB     officers.
I'm curious: 
"Does that progressive methods use for the treatment workers in the Fukushima nuclear power plant ?"