Tsunami. Seismic activity is the result of a solar flare on 13-15 February 2011

you need to take:
MONEY (AND JEWELRY), KEYS, DOCUMENTS all this you need to put in the internal zippered pockets of clothes 
better to charge a mobile phone
better to send to your friends details about your last location
mobile phone is better to keep in a tightly sealed plastic bags to protect from moisture

Тhe first thing should NOT to do - collect shells on the ground retreating sea. If the first rule has been broken and You washed away by the wave should you stick to the surface and try to avoid crashing into solid objects on your way. Resist the tide that moves back into the sea is too hard - you need to dive and push off from the bottom and after catch on some reliable object. There is no safe shelter on the shore, but there are those that protect from clashs with the washed out things. Shelter must be chosen so that it can be to quickly get out.

 If you do not have rescue skills, but you're trying to save someone else from the water, do not be surprised attempts to hit you. Need to be behind the drowning and keep it with one hand under the ribs. CPR may not help if you do not help a drowning man cough up water from the lungs  

 if you have some time

need to take pictures on film camera property which will not be able to take and documents on it 
the photographs must be proof of date of capture, daily newspaper with the date  for example. These films may be useful in subsequent communication with the insurance companies when assessing the lost property in the court.    
After doing a flooded underground water channels under the ground, so it is best kept away from places with cracked road.
elimination of the consequences
Оnly amphibious military hovercraft can travel on the destroyed roads and deliver food and medicines and to evacuate large groups of people.

Will need to make new maps of a new cracks under the existing buildings.

may need transport aircraft with the ability to land on unpaved airfields

P. S.
Seismic activity is the result of a solar flare on 13-15 February 2011.
The largest number of thermographs (Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras), to search for people under the rubble by fixing heat of the human body, have the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Мost of these cameras mounted on military equipment. Some quantity of IR cameras have their manufacturers in warehouses.
Dubai can help to Japan more than any other. because in Dubai is concentrated 20% of construction equipment (mostly cranes) that may needed to clearing concrete rubble.
Аdequate logistics for the delivery of this equipment has the U.S. Army and the operating companies of  largest aircrafts An-124