fire in arizona today

Аmong Soviet and post-Soviet fire-fighting equipment, only the gas-water-quenching still is the world's best.
AGVT (ПСУГВТ-200  АГВТ-150 ) car-gas-water quenching, designed to extinguish the oil and gasfountains, as well as fires at the chemical plants. Empirically determined that the greatest effect is the thread in which 54% water and 46% of the exhaust gases.

Сountries that produce such equipment:
Ukraine, Russia, Hungary
Names of manufactured products:
ПСУГВТ-200   АГВТ-150   JFR-250   "The Great Wind"(Hungarian)

Мodernization reserves:
With the help of a jet engine can be fed into the flame an inert gases and pieces of dry ice

Еxtinguishing fires in coal mines harder than еxtinguishing gasfountains. In mines the flames takes a large volume. Stream of carbon dioxide from evaporating dry ice at the bottom of the mine could push out the flame. After successfully fighting a fire in a coal mine may  be not enough oxygen for breathing. To continue the rescue operations must be pumped into the mine fresh air with water spray. There are many technologies fire-fighting spraying water in the world. water droplets must be sufficiently dispersed to effectively reduce the temperature. This greatly improves the dampness, and sometimes because of the water film, surfaces become slippery. Sometimes you have to bring sand to sprinkle the slippery surface on your way
Мust be remembered that prolonged high temperatures ( about 50-60 Celsius degree) in the coal mine - a sign of the future explosion, even if the amount of methane in the normal range.

Quality of the extinguish by water using a jet engine can be estimated from video

This equipment shoot capsules with Fire-extinguishing powder 
Ukrainian Firefighting vehicles Impulse-2M

The Russian system of multilateral impulse fire extinguishing "Vetluga"