Mine Resistant Ambush Protected

-->If the explosives were dug, the explosion is directed mainly upwards. Obstacle to the blast wave from the explosion hit passes to the whole structure. This means that the need to to improve the way of explosion safety blast leave only those details of the construction which at separation would not lead to significant damage. Even better that there was no any parts at all in the way of the explosion.
The most important elements of the construction crew cabin and the engine should be at maximum distance from the explosion site. Most of the autonomous mines triggered when pressed, so usually the epicenter of the explosion is under one of the front wheels. Considering the latest generation of armored trucks you can see that not many of them will be able to withstand a violent explosion.
The typical representative of Kamaz Typhoon (Russia's vision of the concept implemented by Mercedes) has a cabin and engine located as close to the front wheel. With the explosion under the front wheel of the shock wave directed precisely at the cabin and the engine.

Something like this what about the KAMAZ model APC, though most of the APCs in the world have a relatively low resistance to the explosion.

Historically seen that the bonnet trucks can at least survive the crew. Usually a shock wave tears off fender above the wheel and severely damages the engine.

When the bonnet arrangement with the hood on the entire width of the vehicle body for a shock wave there is no easy driving obstacles in the form of the fender above the wheel and thus the energy of the explosion be passed the maximum to the body of the truck.

There are arrangement of heavy trucks with a cabin far ahead the front wheel type MZKT. If the cab is integrated with the motor unit and the nothing over the front wheel, it is possible to realize high blast resistance.

On the MZKT where the engine is located above the wheel resistance to explosion is much less because the a shock wave skirting obstacle in the form of motor unit is directed toward the cabin.

The closest analogue of MZKT is BAZ. It has the same problems with blast resistance.

However, resistance to explosion can be significantly improved by removing all unnecessary items in the areas marked in yellow.

After the explosion of a car is very important residual mobility which allows escape from the ambush. An interesting property of the Tatra gear is possibility to keep mobility during the loss of one wheel, even the front.