Israel Arab war - Israel vs Iran (scenarios new war in Persian Gulf)

Internal arrangements did not allow Obama start a war with Iran as a pre-election campaign.
Even worse, Barack had to wait another free and democratic elections, the head of China Xi Jinping. Now Obama can celebrate as he likes to do. 

First elections win, he was celebrated by the war in Iraq and Afghanistan (though promised to withdraw troops from the first days of the presidency), the Nobel Peace Prize celebrated by bombing of Libya.
Now after the second election victory Obama can finally keep the promise to withdraw troops from Iraq or Afghanistan... and enter them to Iran.
 Practice of the last war showed that in addition to conventional weapons to prepare the invasion needs a new effective armor with high blast resistance (MRAP).
Needed for the war MRAP amount can be purchased by the police formally for combating drug trafficking.
For Israel as a U.S. ally, may be needed a formal reason for mobilizing 30,000 reservists.
Exacerbation of local conflict in Palestine because of suddenly appeared stocks of weapon well suited.

Blaming of Iran for supplying weapons to Hamas is well suited as a reason for the start of intervention.
How can end the conflict with the participation of Israel (about 200 nuclear warheads), the U.S. (nuclear aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf) and Iran (Bushehr nuclear power plant + unknown ones of nuclear bombs) in principle is also known.